No cost to online immigration form for travellers

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), Andrew Wynter, speaks at a JIS Think Tank on August 30, 2023 (photo: courtesy of Jamaica Information Service)

Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wynter is reiterating that there are no costs to travellers to access, complete and submit the online Immigration/Customs (C5) form. “All passengers coming to Jamaica are required to complete the online version of the passenger declaration. They can access the form at The cost to use the facility is free. We currently are not in any arrangement or agreement with any agent or other third party to provide this service”, Wynter said.

According to a news release, The PICA boss was responding to reports that travellers were being asked to pay for the service. One Jamaican, who travelled home in a group of three since the new service was implemented on September 1 said that when he accessed the website and entered his information the link took him to a site that required him to pay US$25 for each passenger. The man said he refused to pay as such a request had never been made of him before. He also said that when he and his fellow travellers arrived in Jamaica, they found out that some people had paid US$90 each for their form.

Last week, ahead of the implementation of the form, PICA said the new system was part of its ongoing efforts to improve travellers’ experience by reducing waiting time at the island’s international airports. “The Immigration/Customs (C5) form is an entry requirement for persons travelling to the island, whether they are residents in Jamaica or visiting”, PICA said in a news release, adding that the online form replaces the physical paper forms that were issued by travellers on aircraft or upon arrival. “The online form allows travellers to apply up to 30 days before arrival in Jamaica. Passengers can submit their declarations anytime, anywhere, using any Internet-connected device. On completion of the form, a confirmation page is sent for review. If there is an error, the form may be redone and resubmitted. The form can be completed before boarding the plane to Jamaica, in flight if Wi-Fi is available on the aircraft, and upon arrival in Jamaica”, PICA explained.

The agency also said that in an effort to make the process seamless, the airports will be providing additional Wi-Fi accessibility for incoming passengers to complete the form electronically if they have not already done so. PICA also said that the island’s three international airports — Norman Manley, Sangster, and Ian Fleming — have been prepared with proper signage comprising QR codes and reminders.

“Jamaica is, by any measure, the ideal location for transshipment and, therefore, we have to monitor our borders effectively and this new system here is an example of that. So, we have to introduce modern technologies to improve our efficiency and quality of service”, stated Dr Chang, who was accompanied by Ambassador Alison Stone Roofe, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security; PICA head Wynter; and Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts Walker.

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