Caregiver’s rage leads to murder in Clarendon

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tape (Photo credit: Kat Wilcot)

A 69-year-old man has been charged, after confessing to murder his bedridden wife, Pamela, at their home in Lionel Town, Clarendon. The wife’s throat was slashed on Monday 4 July. According to news reports, the name of the accused is Thadius Gregory.

The elderly couple lived on Toronto Terrace in the Lionel Town Housing Scheme. Information from the police notes that on Monday morning, Pamela’s grandson found the 67-year-old woman lying on a bed with blood coming from her neck. Gregory allegedly attacked his grandson with a knife when he tried to assist his grandmother. A tussle ensued. The grandson was able to free himself and alerted neighbours, who called the police. The police responded and Gregory was taken into custody where he allegedly confessed to killing his wife.

Further news details state that Gregory’s court date is being arranged. A source, who knows Pamela’s husband well, expressed shock at the incident, noting that he was known to be a “decent man”, who got along well with the community people, especially because of his trade as a mechanic and upholsterer.

This murder comes weeks after a mother and her four children throats were slashed by a family member at their home in northrne Clarendon.

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