Megan Tapper is the newest brand ambassador of ATAQ

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Megan Tapper

Women’s 110m hurdles 2020 Olympic bronze medalist Megan Tapper has become the newest athlete to sign with US-based company ATAQ. Tapper’s partnership with the California start-up for plant-based sports nutrition products is said to have started immediately after both parties had agreed.

The partnership comes while Tapper prepares for the World Athletics Championships set to be staged next summer in Oregon, USA. Tapper says she has been using the product for several years to aid in her training, performance, and recovery. “Competing at the highest possible levels, getting nutrition right can make all the difference. I’ve been using ATAQ’s products for several years now, and I feel a huge difference in my performance and recovery”, said Tapper.

Being 5′ 1″ tall, she acknowledges that her size can be a disadvantage in clearing hurdles. However, she says it doesn’t faze her but focuses more on the advantages, like being faster between each hurdle, as she continues to defy the odds.

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The former National Collegiate Champion and record holder, known for her charming personality on and off the track, has been surfacing on different companies’ radars, ATAQ being the latest. Co-Founder and CEO of ATAQ, Tammo Walter, said that Tapper’s genuine use of the product inspired their decision to work with her and strengthen their product’s effectiveness. “We are super excited to have Megan as part of the ATAQ family. When you organically find someone that uses and believes so much in your products then that’s the best position to be in and to work together. We are excited to not only help fuel her efforts and journey with our products but to get her insights, thoughts and feedback,” Walter shared.

Being a cycling enthusiast, Walter engineered and developed ATAQ because of his own need for clean, plant-based sports nutrition, providing healthy products specifically designed for athletes with high-performance goals.

Co-Founder and COO, Nikki Halbur, said establishing relationships with athletes helps her company to understand and develop effective products. “Understanding the athletes’ needs, demands, and challenges makes engaging with athletes like Megan crucial to provide effective products that athletes want to use. And that’s what is most important to us,” Halbur said.

Megan Tapper joins a list of diverse and talented athletes signed to ATAQ, such as Water Polo 2000 Olympic silver medalist Julie Ertel.

Just a month ago, Tapper signed a three-year partnership with TruShake to become their newest brand ambassador. Since her impressive feat at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Tapper continues to interest many other companies in supporting their brands.

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