The microscope: A call to all folks – Part 2

A Muslim praying
A Muslim praying (Photo credit: Montsera)

I ended my last column on 12 December 2021 with the Bible canto “Behold, things will be made new”, the verse went on to say that, “Heaven and earth will be new and the earlier existing things shall be no more,” The Honourable Elijah Muhammad, the founding father of the nation of Islam in the West, schooled us to understand that that verse meant that there was dishonesty in the political organization and dishonesty in the religious structure. And, because corruption has been in the political and religious bubble, the populace suffered for the reason of corrupt leadership. Islamic leadership states that there’s a stanza in the Bible that says: “things will be made new Behold,” It says, ‘There will be a new heaven and a new Earth, and the former things shall pass away.” Muslims have adopted beliefs and attitudes that may not, of necessity, be in accord with the tradition of the Prophet or the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. Religious leaders, Imams and Sheikhs, include under these political select few and they have advocated a bland Islam for fear of discrimination by the political leaders who have gone off track from the teachings of the Holy Prophet.

Sun rising in the West

Let’s agree with the truth. The leaders have adopted ideologies and philosophies that may not necessarily be in harmony with the teachings of the Prophet or the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. Religious leaders in the Islamic world flowed under these political leaders and they have lectured a diluted Islam for fear of harassment by the political leaders who have gone astray from the Teachings of the Holy Prophet. Let’s agree with the truth.

What is the difference between the active will of Allah and the passive will of Allah? Why have Muslim leaders taught an inert adaptation of Islam? What do they dread? What do they expect to get? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) unified the Arabs, and the Arabs conveyed the significance of Islam to the entire planet. Nevertheless, the Holy Prophet in his Hadith (His sayings) said, “The sun that rises from the East, one will see it rising from the West.” Did he mean that the sun will ascend from the Western Hemisphere? Or was he indicating that the glow of intelligence to facilitate has constantly appeared out of the East and stand out westward, that in the after everything else days of the world a light would come out of the West that would glow back eastward? Then Prophet Muhammad said he heard the footsteps of Bilal going into paradise ahead of his own. What did he mean? Are you of the impression that Bilal (a Black man the then caller of the Muslim Community to prayer time) possibly will go into Paradise in front of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? I don’t assume such. Nobody goes ahead of the Prophet. He makes the way for he who is dutiful and not just a mere believer. I accept as true he was saying that his society, assigned with the task of dissemination the message, fell as a casualty to Shaitan (Satan) and began attending to those who felt liberated of wants.

So, as an enlightened Muslim you go to Europe, spend a great deal of time in that space. You come to America, you splurge with those who think they are liberated from need, and your work is minimal. But a sightless man is drumming his way up because he wants reinforcement from tyranny. That blind man, in my view, appears to be Black and from him, you turn away.

Arabs and those with a real need

How have the Arabs attempted to spread Islam in the modern world? Who do they go to and why? Why have they neglected those with a real need? You don’t know how to care for the Black man in America and by extension anywhere he forms a community across the globe that has been ruined by four centuries of improper education, lacking knowledge of self, the mishandling by the legal system and the health systems since slavery. You can’t educate the Black man the way you instruct. He will never pay attention to you because you have not identified how to reclaim a mentality that has been destroyed. So, Allah (God) had to lift someone among us that would be acquainted with how to get to the Black man with the message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Many possibly will not have understood Elijah Muhammad’s advances, but I think, in retrospect, if one digs deep, you would say, “Man, what skills!” He came to a people that White people had taught were inferior because of their colour.

Black as soot and hair like dried raisins

Why is Islam as taught by the Arab world ineffective in reaching the mind of the Black man in America? Why has the Honourable Elijah Muhammad and the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan been successful where they have failed? You say Islam does not deal with colour, but I beg your pardon. Islam deals with everything, but Islam never exalts one colour over another. However, something has occurred to the Black community/Umma and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw it before he departed. He alluded to it saying, “There is no pre-eminence of the Arab over the non-Arab, and there is no supremacy of the White greater than the Black.” And then he warns about the community that, if one has to approach to one whose face is as Black as soot, hair-like dried out raisins, but if he speaks the Wisdom of God, you should accept his leadership. Let’s pursue the sunnah (way) of Prophet Muhammad and the Community/ Umma of Islam. save for this Umma must get rid of impurities, and it has got to be prepared and enhanced so that Allah’s act of kindness will come to us all over again.

David R. Muhammad is a former morning host on Visions Television and a former member of the Palace Amusement Media Movie Review Committee. He is currently the Student Protocol Officer of the Nation of Islam’ study group – Jamaica.

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