Lottery scamming fleecing vulnerable Americans of thousands of dollars

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United States currency (Photo credit: John Guccione)

Lottery scamming has become a part of the Jamaican culture as many men turn to this way of life to make quick money. The process is not difficult for these men as the American Citizens Association says the scammers tell the victims that they have won a lottery and in order to receive their winnings, the victim has to make a payment to the scammers.

These scammers would make hundreds and or thousands of dollars from their targets who are senior citizens, retirees or those with disposable income. This happens after winners are told that they had won cash prizes, vehicles and more.

Kelian Harriot (not her real name) a resident of a certain community in St James says she always sees the men on the street scamming while she is on her way to work. “They are lined up on the streets on their phones talking in an American or non-Jamaican accent’, says Harriot. These young men are mostly in their late teens to late 20s. They own the finest cars Harriot described, but “they don’t really live anywhere”.

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A Jamaican who recently returned from the United States of America says he has received many calls from Jamaican scammers. Firstly, they can get your name from phone books or just from a random receipt after making a purchase at a store that has your phone number on it. The returning Jamaican’s niece also commented that the call centres could be another way that they use to get access to a customers’ information.

“The Americans are so easily tricked sometimes’” he says, “the scammers would call you and tell you that you have won a game or a car or even a house and all you have to do is deposit some money in the scammers account”. He went on to say further that after collecting your social security number and other information the money is quickly removed by the scammer and another retiree or senior citizen is left broke.

The Americans are warned by the US Embassy that they should be wary of anyone who is relentless and determined. These scammers will use the internet to befriend the individual and then start to ask them for money. The embassy advises Americans not to send money to anyone they do not know or anyone they met over the internet.

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