Waterhouse FC optimistic ahead of the Jamaica Premier League

Waterhouse football squad 2022
Waterhouse football squad 2022 (Photo credit: Instagram (@waterhousefootballclub))

“Optimistic at best”, is how Waterhouse FC head coach Marcel Gayle said he is feeling ahead of the upcoming Digicel Premier League season. Waterhouse FC hopes to have an injury-free season and is elated for the start of the competition. 

Although finishing last season second best, there is a positive attitude within the Waterhouse FC camp. Gayle believes that the players are ready to give an account of themselves and showcase their talents. “The mood is great the guys are eagerly anticipating just coming back to training and they can meet as a team. They are upbeat, they are motivated, and they want to play now,” Gayle said. 

All teams have been training in a more controlled environment since the pandemic. Gayle, like other coaches, stated that he gave his men instructions regarding training individually before the upcoming league begins. 

The Drews Avenue boys will be looking to reshape their squad, having lost a few of their squad members. Their talisman and former captain, Keithy Simpson, and Mark Miller are among those who now join their Spanish town league rivals Dunbeholden FC. 

Gayle disclosed that Waterhouse FC had added some new players to their squad. David Edwards, Roshawn Amos, and Shantomoy Taylor were the three new signings he revealed. According to Gayle, Waterhouse FC decided to mix experience with youthfulness which should bring a unique difference to the club’s playing style. “A difference in reason for hunger among the squad members is really why some of these new players are brought in,” he said.

Gayle said that he was not worried about the team chemistry even though the squad has been apart for some time now. The majority of the squad members have been playing together for years, and the unity was still present.  With the start of the season weeks away, Waterhouse FC head coach wishes that his squad will remain free of injuries, knowingly that players will be pushing themselves to reach match-level fitness. 

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