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Muslim women praying
Muslim women praying (Photo credit: Rodnae Productions)

In light of the wanton killings and low morality in our country, Jamaica, and the Black communities across the globe, I ask, what type of people do we want to be? Are we persons motivated to forgive each other for the blunders that we made in trying to be correct? The Bible recorded the “Our Father” prayer, to say forgive me my transgressions as I forgive those who have transgressed against me. How many individuals have harmed you on your journey to being the great you that we observe today? Not one of us boasts about being at this juncture without being tarnished and hurt by the pain of hostility, jealousy and covetousness. Can you forgive? How will you excuse the White man for all the malevolence that he has discharged on us to this very day? How would you forgive him but won’t forgive your mother who made a mistake, or your father, brother, or your sister? 

We have to build a nation that will live and not just survive, so death has to flee off of us. The demise of this world has to come off of us as we wash and grow to be spotless. Each one of us is a great module, each one of us is a master, if not yet, potentially. Each one of us has lived life, we all know individuals who have been through hell. All of us, who come into greatness, come through affliction. May God use us. May God exalt us as we go through the next year. Now, if something wrong is done, if something that shouldn’t have been said, and in the way that one shouldn’t have said it, would you pardon that person? If we would be devoted, kind and gracious to every other, we would be serving him or her to do it.

The Qur’an, the book of the Muslims states, “You are the greatest nation elevated for men. You encourage good and you prohibit evil. You accept as true in Allah (God).” By whatever name you call God, our trust in the ultimate authority of the highest living being, He should direct our lives. Will you let Him direct our building of a nation for His magnificence, a population that will have time without end? The Bible assured us that Jesus said a people will never die. Everlasting life is simply achieved in uprightness. Therefore, if the ground is not correlated to the sun, the moon, and the stars causing clouds to rise from the water of the earth to precipitation on the land so that the land will produce food, how then will the earth be able to exist devoid of heaven? Heaven and earth labour together. We should live in the glow of God and be assured that He will approve your every attempt to acquire food, garments, and refuge. He will unlock doors that are closed if we pool our resources and activities. I’m not speaking about one being a Muslim. I’m not talking about religion. I’m relating to an ordinary ideology that our African ancestors lived.

I was reading the words of my tutor, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and he asked a question, “What’s the best religion?” I believed the question to be insincere for the reason that he’s my teacher and he’s asking what the greatest religion is. He answered, “The best religious conviction is that you perform unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The resolve creates a greater and greater bond each day that we love like that, all the time that we act like that, and that we think like that every time. Subsequently, God’s force opens up our intelligence and we’ll observe and pay attention to things for a nation’s growth. The reason is that all across the globe, as a people, we are a budding nation at home and abroad and that we desire to subsist forever. There’s much more work we can do. Just treat yourself right. Treat each other right. Don’t lie to each other. Should you commit to doing something, and you didn’t get it done.  Don’t say “Yeah, I did.” No. Padlock your mouth. If you’re going to be untrue, you’re going to compromise your moral fibre. Stop lying. Tell the truth. It’s such a great liberation, to be honest.

David R. Muhammad is a former morning host on Visions Television and a former member of the Palace Amusement Media Movie Review Committee. He is currently the Student Protocol Officer of the Nation of Islam’ study group – Jamaica.

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