Don’t drive and indulge in alcohol consumption

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Drink driving. (photo: courtesy of Pexel).

A call has been made for party goers who drive motor vehicles not to indulge in alcohol consumption, especially during the Easter holidays, which tend to have a high rate of road crashes. Making the plea, the Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Audley Shaw, said that excessive drinking impairs one’s judgment on the road and that can result in deadly collisions. The minister was delivering the keynote address at the launch of a health, wealth, and safety expo, held on 6 April at FESCO gas station, on Beechwood Avenue in Kingston.

He noted that since the start of the year, there have been 27 fatal collisions with 96 per cent of those who perished being males and four per cent females. “The main cause of the fatalities was excessive speeding, with no regard for the condition of the road,” the minister noted. “In an effort to reduce road fatalities, and to not match or surpass last year’s figures, I urge all road users to exercise greater care on the roads, especially during this Easter holiday,” he said.

Noting that fatal crashes have decreased by 31 per cent since January, he said there “is still a critical area of concern”, with many motorists not obeying the rules of the road, adding that operators of motor vehicles must take the requisite steps to safeguard their health and protect passengers. He told his audience that transport operators are an important group, as they provide essential links for the movement of goods, services, and people, and they must be in good health to function on the roads.  “I am pleased that more emphasis is being placed on the holistic being, and not only on financial well-being. We are seeing more partnerships being formed with both the private and public sectors to advance Jamaica’s transportation network, and this is very heartening,” Shaw said.

The event was organised by the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), with a mission to facilitate the sustainable development of the public transport sector through training and logistical support to its members. The group’s goal is to provide the best travel experience for the commuting public, and to ensure the best investment for the sector.

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