The microscope: Strong marriages make safer nations

Wedding rings in white textile
Wedding rings in white textile (Photo credit: Sandy Millar)

As I pen this week’s column, I do so with great concern about what is happening with the human family across the world. Human existence has crossed the threshold into Armageddon, furthermore, it is evolving to become harsher and extended from shore to shore across the globe. It is a war against being obedient to the principles of the creator. In the same breath, those who say they are uplifting these principles are in rebellion and in opposition with each other for the reason of deviation from the guidance laid out by prophets of the monotheistic religions that want to bring religion to its unspoiled wholesomeness. 

The will of the deity will be successful, take it or let it alone. There are those of us who think that they are a Christian. However, the word means one who crystallises oneself into the ones of the divine power. The creation is about acquiescing to the determination of that divine being. So after another prayer breakfast, and several before, the call through prayer to the deity in Jamaica now sees the murder toll rising, the figure shows that 37 murders were committed in the first eight days of 2022. Well, whatever we call the divine one or whether we believe he or she is one in three or have no equal partner or associates, simple faith adds up to nought, except where that belief is put into training. The supernatural being’s system will rule. 

The book of the Christians (Bible) informs us that a government will emerge on this globe, not by the current US president or the British prime minister, the Chinese president, nor the Japanese prime minister, and certainly not the Russian president. On the other hand, the Messiah, the Christ one himself will. 

Regardless of the events unfolding in the world, our circumstances will not be transformed significantly by gazing at Israel bombing Lebanon or witnessing Hezbollah wrestle with the powerful Israeli military that whipped the entire Arab world in six days. I am of the view that this and other cosmic shifts are the commencement of the crush of Zionism, depraved private enterprise and all that comes in opposition to the purpose of the divine will for the correct freedom, justice and equality for all humanity. 

There is no victory in creating a population devoid of family. There is no triumph in the building of family units that are lacking in the values and principles of the foundation of matrimony. Conversely, the populations across the globe are plagued with the predicament of disloyalty. As a consequence of break-up and betrayal, extreme dislike is building among mothers and fathers, which is at the root of children experiencing untold hardship mentally and physically. We can talk on numerous subjects regarding matters that are essential in life, although nothing is more vital or sacrosanct than family, and the foundation of family, which is matrimony. Wouldn’t it be such a splendour for us to see thriving marriages among Black people? Please don’t get hot behind the collar because I said Black. You all know, especially in the West that Blacks are last to be married and the first to break up.

We must begin to study marriages from other jurisdictions that are considered civilized starting with the acknowledgement that the family is not devoid of a woman, or not including a man as a woman. Nevertheless, the decisive element of male/female interaction is in crafting a common space that men and women will be able to get together guided by proper circumstances that do not deteriorate into despicable dialogue or behaviour.

Every religious body should encourage and monitor suitable communal conditions for single men and single women to meet each other. The appropriate scenery is not at nightclubs or spaces anywhere that women are skimpily dressed, and men attempt to single out a woman for a one-night stand. As a people, we must return to decency where the value and the role of the parents are paramount. In the Holy Bible as soon as Allah (God) sought to exalt and build Israel, a magnificent people for His grandeur, He conveyed strong rules for the reason that, if the families of Israel would develop in that strong commandment, they would develop into the foundational people to prototype in respecting the autonomy and justice of God and His law. Similarly, by living the law, humanity would find greater peace, harmony, love, and brotherhood across the nations of the Earth. 

David R. Muhammad is a former morning host on Visions Television and a former member of the Palace Amusement Media Movie Review Committee. He is currently the Student Protocol Officer of the Nation of Islam’ study group – Jamaica.

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