A story of tennis, self-importance and confidence in self

Will Smith in his role as King Richard
Will Smith in his role as King Richard (Photo credit: Twitter (@ButWhyThoPC))

This is not only Richard’s story and I particularly started enjoying the movie the more Venus and Serena’s roles gained screen time. The flick depicts the sisters well, beginning at ages 10 and 11 years old in that order to 13 and 14. They even resemble their real-life counterparts.

Since the sisters have had such entangled professions, you, like me, may not know who holds which records. Venus is older by a year, you’ll need that distinction clear to grasp some of the most moving instants in this film.

King Richard is a sports movie and the tennis enthusiast in me relished the pastime of a 1994 match between the 14-year-old Venus and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, then 22 years old and who won Roland Garros and the US Open. I watched the movie at home, however, I implore you, if you can, to watch King Richard at the cinema. You will be glad you did.

“You’re going to be representing every Black girl on earth,” Richard tells Venus when the youngster commenced her practised occupation as a competitor. Richard makes a strong and beyond doubt argument for the power of representation.” Richard tells his teenage daughters “that a woman that thinks is indomitable. The ethical moments of the movie other than the statement that it’s good to dream big and work hard are the speeches to be unapologetic about who you are. And, that ‘Smith’ brought to the Richard character.

You’ll identify Smith as King Richard. It’s impossible not to accept. In addition, you won’t recognize him. He use up most of the two hours plus of the film wearing clothes in the 1990s fashion. He put on weight to enhance characterizing Richard, and he has a Louisiana accent near the beginning of the motion picture, you gain knowledge of how much of a remarkable person Richard Williams is. He talks about the 78-page preparation he put in writing for Venus and Serena’s entire profession ahead of their birth. The flick noted how the Williams sisters’ dad made a catalogue and a VHS tape to endorse the girls’ tennis talent and his efforts to get the girls an instructor and some economic support. While teaching the girls the rudiments of the game on an abandoned tennis court in California.

The film never explains why Richard chose tennis for his girls but the movie spent some time to detail that in the 1990s tennis wasn’t a game that was hospitable to Black players, nor was it a sport for lower-class folks. It took folks with indefinite financial income. The movie presented Richard as having the courage to disrupt a training session between Pete Sampras and John McEnroe as he aimed at total transformation for his girls. He says to his daughters’ stuff like: “Someday an important person will write you a $1 million check” or “You’re Venus Williams. You’re gonna win Wimbledon.” It all ended up happening. It’s one thing to tell someone to be confident, but another thing to assure them they’ll grow to be the next tennis greats. Will Smith’s charisma also contributes to making Richard a likeable character.

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David R. Muhammad is a former morning host on Visions Television and a former member of the Palace Amusement Media Movie Review Committee. He is currently the Student Protocol Officer of the Nation of Islam’ study group – Jamaica.

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