Humble Lion FC ready to ‘roar’ in Jamaica Premier League

Humble Lion FC vs Tivoli Garden FC 2021 match
Humble Lion FC vs Tivoli Garden FC 2021 match (Photo credit: Twitter (@PremierLeagueJA))

With professional football expected to start next month, the head coach of Humble Lion, Andrew Pryce, is happy about his players’ enthusiastic response towards the upcoming season. 

After finishing in 11th place last season, Humble Lion is ready to roar again, “the players are happy to get back on the field, they all want to play, they are all happy a decision has been made.

It is what they love, it is what they do for a living, so they are all eager to get back on the field,” Pryce explained. 

Pryce, however, believes the time available to prepare his boys for the competition is insufficient and will be a difficult challenge. 

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Even though the players have not been training together, Pryce reveals that the team unity is still strong, “We have a player’s blog, and the players interact within the blog, they keep in touch with each other on a daily basis,” Pryce said. 

To ensure his men stay fit and committed before official training begins, Pryce says he has given his players training assignments to conduct on their own to remain ready for competition. 

Pryce made it clear that there were no changes to the squad, “The club has remained loyal to the players, especially since they have been without jobs because of the pandemic.

The club has been attending to the psyche of the players through constant contact, slowly managing their expectations so that they can play at an optimal level when the season begins”, Pryce closed.



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